3 Scripts in 3 Months

My 'go-to' writing set up.
My ‘go-to’ writing set up. (Not pictured here: stacks of note books, too many pens that don’t work, along with crumb littered plates and empty water glasses)

Over the past year or so I’ve been playing around with a few different ideas for creative project to work on after I finish with my first feature length documentary Come Home (it’s preview screening is in Vancouver on February 10th, yay!). I had been feeling pretty unsure where to start since my ideas included several feature-length dramatic narratives, a half-hour comedic series, and a few (rather goofy) web series, everything was so scattershot – a bunch of notes in different notebooks and word documents, I had to narrow down my focus. It was New Year’s Resolution season and I decided that, as a hyper-competitive person, I needed to issue myself some kind of challenge in order to actually get any work done instead of just talking and tweeting about the idea of writing. I looked over all my notes and found three feature films that had potential, and didn’t require a whole lot of research to get to work on. Now for the challenge. It needed to be strict enough that I couldn’t slack off, but not so strict that I would feel overwhelmed and just give up. After looking at what I had already prepared (outlines/treatments/character notes) I thought that a month per script would be an appropriate amount of time, and as I’m reaching the end of January it looks as though I was right. I have one more sequence to write, plus a quick read and revise for obvious errors and then I’ll be done with script 1.

My plan right now is to have the third script finished by the end of March and then use the month of April to review the three scripts, plus another feature script I wrote a couple of years back and rank them in terms of potential producibility, clean up the best two and submit them to some screenwriting contests starting in June. I realize that contests can be a bit of a shot in the dark, but at least I would be putting my work out there – and they give me deadlines to work towards. I’m thinking about posting some excerpts on this site, but I haven’t decided yet.