Come Home: The Home Stretch

The preview/feedback screening of Come a Home (the documentary I directed with my husband – our first documentary, and our first long-form project at a little over an hour in length) is in a couple of days and I’m oscillating between feeling relieved and wanting to vomit. The creative birthing process can be painful, but generally rewarding – I love having successfully made a film – the problem is in the days and hours leading up to the first unveiling. I’m excited that so many of our friends and family are coming out to support our project, but terrified that they will not like it, or worse, won’t ‘get it’.

One of the aspects of self-financed filmmaking that I find most frustrating is the length of time between conception and completion. During the editing process we have been working with footage that we shot more than two years prior. In the intervening time we have grown a lot as filmmaker and watching some of the older footage can be almost painful, “Why did we shoot it that way?!”, “Why didn’t I think we’d need a shot like that?!”. The process of assembling the film has been one of the biggest learning experiences of my creative life that has made me a better documentarian and fiction filmmaker. No matter how much research and preparation I do, I’m always astounded at how much I learn through the process of creating.

I hope the people who attend the screening on Tuesday get something out of watching the film, and that we do all of the people who were a part of the project proud. After the screening I’ll need a couple of days off and then it will be back to the writing table. I’ll only have a little over two weeks to finish feature script 2/3 and shoot/complete a corporate video I’m producing.